October 1, 2009

TPG's Truth Drop: Is October A Sleeper Candidate For Best Month Of The Year

Today marks the first day of October, the first of the double digit months, and without a doubt, one of the best months of the calendar year. It is a month where the every aspect of the environment clicks into place for the better and enjoyment of all. It's also a lengthy month (unlike shorter months, I'm looking at you February,) and home to the greatest party of the year, Halloween, aka the Devil's night, aka the night where people get wild.

Yeah the summer months got a long going for them, in a sea of bikinis and fireworks it's hard to compete, but when you stop and think about October your realize that it's basically one giant gift from nature. First, the weather is ideal, there usually isn't any snow or ice to destroy you on your travels, and the temperature is perfect for Jeans and Sweatshirts (sweaters if you roll like that). Second, in some places in the country there is Autumn (featured above) which is basically nature's way of showing you that along with physical power (fires, floods, and it's current fave tsunamis) nature is a well balanced artistic renaissance man. (Answer to the question of why the leaves change color is here for all ye education seekers)

And then let us not forget Halloween, the greatest party holiday of the year. I wrote a piece in college about how Halloween is the only holiday for friends, check it out here. But basically no one gets together with Grandma for it, they get together with their partners in crime, dress up in weird shit and depending on your age either get candy or get drunk. And to top it off, its the only holiday that occurs at the end of the month, so you got a whole month of excitement and prep work (don't act like you haven't thought about your costume, yes I'm talking to you Jay Judah of www.jayjudah.com).

So give it up for October. In a calendar full of J months (January, June, July), October stands alone with an "O" face daring everyone else to match it's pleasant weather and legendary holiday. Enjoy It.

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  1. Another reason to love October is that in many places (New England) the bugs are all gone and the apples are ready for pickin!