October 22, 2009

Stars Wars Fans Continue To Dream (Nothing Wrong With That)

Yes, that little piece of debris flying through the air in the midst of Rock Em Sock Em Robot brawl is supposedly R2D2. And while I don't think Jorge Lucas is going to be asking for some commission money, I gotta say, that's a pretty rough cameo for a robot. Shoulda have given him some more screen time there. In other news, my family has a cookie jar that is shaped like R2, you open up his top and get some cookies, that's what I'm talking about.

But wait there's more, yesterday the geek universe was a abuzz from Alderaan to Hoth with rumors that a new 3D Star Wars trilogy was being planned with Spielberg and Coppola directing. The Lucasfilm Jedi assassins were sent out to silence whoever leaked this information, or it was quickly revealed to be bogus, the rumor, the faint dream of many a nerd was chopped to pieces like Qui Gon Jinn.

It's tough being a Star Wars fan right now. Star Trek is getting buzz like a beehive and the Jedis have been reduced to video games and cartoons. Fear not all you Star Wars fans, I'm sure something great is coming, it's a trip to Tatooine. Check it out below

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