October 6, 2009

Life The Movie: Helicopter Bank Robbery

I'm late to the party on this one. But anytime bank robbers rappel from a helicopter, bust through the ceiling, blow open the vault, and then fly away to safety, the party keeps going for a long time. And while I wish I could say the robbers took the money and gave it to the poor, I'm thinking they probably took the money and gave to to themselves so they could go ball out Swedish style. And by Swedish style, I mean sell their story to Hollywood because it's that good.

You can check out all the details here, but basically the thieves stole a helicopter and then hovered over the bank, then with automatic weapons strapped to their back, they rappelled down from the chopper and smashed through the glass structure on the roof. Once they were in the joint, the cunning criminal masterminds set off bombs to get at the vault. Once they got the loot, the stuffed the money stacks into large bags and strapped the bags to their backs and ascended back into the helicopter like criminal angels. But wait, it get's better, any police attempt at following them in the air was dastardly thwarted by placing dummy bombs around the police helicopter hanger, effectively grounding air traffic.  The Sweedes currently have little to no leads.

To this story, I say "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?" I'm very glad that no one got hurt because this story is beyond wild, it's like primate status wild. Sometimes in life, in between the same morning commute and the repetitious schedules something like this occurs to remind that yes, wild wild shit, actually does go down, and boooyah, regardless of what they may tell you, Hollywood style bank heists are real. And while this occurred in Sweden, it certainly is a piece of thislalife.

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