October 16, 2009

Life The Movie: Balloon Boy And The News of Conversation.

He's already got a t-shirt. Yes, it's him, the legendary six year old aerial navigator FALCON, a.k.a. Balloon Boy, but also the actor formerly known as Russell (he lost mad weight) from UP. In a story that will soon fade into the abyss with the Octomom and hopefully (oh god, hopefully) Jon & Kate, Balloon Boy had a great ride (even if it was in the attic).

On twitter yesterday, almost every trending topic was about the boy, and within an hour there were groups popping up all over facebook. With everyone on a computer/phone tracking the story, it became international news faster than you can say FALCON PUNCH! I believe that it wasn't actually news worthy, yet it was news simply because everyone was talking about it. It's like if someone staged the most jaw dropping marriage proposal ever and then everyone talked about it on the Internet and suddenly it had to be CNN, simply cause everyone talked about it. Let me get my Einstein out and break it down for ya.

(Trivial Event Occurs + People Talk About It) x Internet Hype = International News

It's the "news of conversation" and it is here to stay. I only wish that pressing things like wars, healthcare, and the economy where the news of conversation. And by the way, can somebody get Balloon boy in action movie already, I mean look at the kid. FALCON PUNCH

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