October 13, 2009

Hard Rain In Los Angeles (With Musical Links!)

The word on the street is that a hard rain is going to fall in Los Angeles over these next couple of days. And while they were not a favorite part of my high school, let me get a little SAT on your asses  and say that "Rain:Los Angeles" as "Kryptonite:Superman" or "Keeping Identity Secret:Batman," basically people here think that it will end them. It's just a little agua folks, and if the heavens are going to make it rain, then let us enjoy.

Now I realize that I'm being ignorant and that the rain could cause some flash floods and mudslides in some parts of Los Angeles county, but in general the way people freak about a little rain drops falling on their heads is nuts. Yet Los Angeles, I can understand your fear; it's a fear of the unknown. Rain here in LA is rare, so when it occurs people freak out because it's foreign, alien like substance. People are only used to golden rays of sunshine that bronze the skin to that perfect tan, not rain that turns the skin into some amphibian gollum smeagol type creature.

So people of the city, I have seen the rain, both in this coast and on the other one and there is nothing to be afraid of. Don't fear the unknown, your cars will still work, the chocolate cupcake stores will not cease to be open, and we will endure. And just in case you're wondering, I have not seen Hard Rain, but as a wee lil child I recall the trailer being dope as hell, and umm, let's just say some things are cooler when you're younger.

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