September 14, 2009

The Weekend Wrap Up September 13th 2009

On the second weekend of the ninth month of 2009, Kanye West attempted to drop truth on Taylor Swift, True Blood ran dry (for now at least), and the great vortex of productive Sunday's known as the NFL officially began.

Taylor Swift is America's sweetheart, and Kanye West is our resident musical "genius" and apparently the two of them are "cool" after their little dust-up. However, I'm not buying it for a hot minute, it is clear through Swift's previous diss records (going after Joe Jonas) she is not one to back down. West on the other has no idea what he got himself into with this teenager, rapper beef is nothing compared to teenage rage, and I think Swift has a got a dark streak in her, check out her KISS get-up.

As for True Blood, besides the bull goring Mary Anne, I wasn't that impressed with the whole finale. I knew it was going to be disappointing when the resident Rambo, aka Jason Stackhouse, rolled into the devil party armed to the teeth and then quickly succumbed to the black eye syndrome without even blasting one small piece of his arsenal. Sometimes you want an epic showdown, and all you get with is Evan Rachel Wood playing Yahtzee, such is life.

I didn't realize how much time the NFL can suck from a young man's soul. Damn, it's so easy to sit there and watch football, it's like the couch is magnetic or demonic. In fact, not only is the couch possessed but it releases some type of pheromone that makes u crave pizza. I counted about an hour and 3 minutes before someone said "I think we should order pizza" like they were some type of robot. I'm trying to be healthy, and avoid that gut expanding pie of deliciousness, and luckily I had an escape plan ("Uhh, I have a dinner party to go to"). But damn, I don't know how long I'll last through the season

Stay tuned, should have some mind blowing posts this week.

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