September 28, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up (All over Roman)

Poor old Roman Polanski, one minute you're living the good life in Europe, jetting off around the continent picking up hardware, then BAMMMM, you're getting arrested for some 31 year criminal charges. And in other news "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" continued to dominate the box office.

The Roman Polanski thing certainly is a strange one, here is a dude who raped a 13 year old girl way back in the day, and then skipped out of the country when it looked like he have to face the facts and do some time. Now he's become a mega icon in European cinema and some people are losing their minds that he might have to take some responsibility for his actions. Not really gonna weigh in because I don't know all the facts, but the whole thing is a surreal part of

Regarding the box office, it's clear we are in a dead zone of solid flicks. I mean, "The Surrogates" was shot in my home town and I had no desire to see it. It was my chance to see the streets I used to dominate during the capture the flag as a youth on the silver screen and I passed. Oh well, when does "Where The Wild Things Are" come out.

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