September 1, 2009

One Step Closer To Jurassic Park

Today was the day that Jurassic Park came one water vibrating footstep closer to being reality. As a lover of all things wild and fantastic, I am elated to hear the news that a scientist in Montreal has found a way to turn chicken's into dinosaurs. Yes you read that correctly, here's a link to the full article and a snippet of it is featured below:

"Larsson believes by flipping certain genetic levers during a chicken embryo's development, he can reproduce the dinosaur anatomy, he told AFP in an interview."

I'm not entirely sure what flipping genetic levers means, I thought genetics was all about Punnet squares and lower case letters squaring off against upper case letters. While I'm a little perplexed why Doctor Hammond, I mean, um, Dr. Larson is focusing on chickens (why not Komodo dragons?), I can't complain. I guess Dr. Grant was correct when he said dinosaurs became our chicken nuggets.

Cue the Jurassic Park clip!

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