September 8, 2009

The Joys of Old School Photography

I recently took at trip with my good friends to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. When I opened my old school Jansport backpack, I was dismayed that I had packed a shitload of batteries, yet I had forgotten my digital camera. Oh my digital camera, it has lasted through over three continents, 9 countries, and one or more jello parties at college, and here I was in a tropical location that was screaming for photos, and I was digital less.

So I did what I did on my 8th grade trip to Washington, you know the trip where I learned how to blow bubble gum bubbles the size of my fist. The trip where a kid fell asleep snoring and all in front of Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia. I bought a dispensable wide up camera for 8 dollars and shooting away at the tropical locations around me. I did not see what my photo looked like on a LCD screen, rather I envisioned what they would like in my mind.

Now the camera is being developed in some  LA franchise chain pharmacy hybrid along with many others. I'll get those old school envelopes, the kind where the fold is just a little too sticky, and suddenly instead of seeing memories on my screen, the same one that I stare at all day, I'll be holding them in my hands. Memories for mis manos (thats hands in Spanish, yo) and hard copy memories for a lifetime.

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