September 3, 2009

Is DC Getting Their Act Together?

DC comics is an enigma. Here you have a comics company with, no doubt, the biggest super heroes in the world in Batman and Superman, yet they still not nearly as big as Marvel. "The Dark Knight" is the biggest movie of the century on almost every level. However on the flip side, "Superman Returns" was a soul crushing disappointment. How much? Let me go on a little tangent here.

Is it too much to have Superman punch someone? Seriously he spent the whole movie crying like he was Harry Potter in Order of the Phoenix, I don't pay my hard earned summer loot to see Superman cry and moan about love lost to Cyclops, I pay money to see him punch bad guys over skyscrapers.

But wait, something is happening. DC comics is slowly getting their act together. They wisely ditched the Justice League movie, and now have some promising flicks in development. "Lobo" announced yesterday has Guy Ritchie set to direct. "Jonah Hex" comes up next year, and "Green Lantern" starring Deadpool, is due soon after that. So they might be getting their act together. I mean success with these movies is simple, it involves one thing:

Punch dudes through/over/on top/ through building. Don't believe me, just ask Marvel. They figured that out with Iron Man, and look where they are now?

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