September 9, 2009

How To Admit Your Bro's You Like Cheesy Movies And Other Assorted Predicaments

Being a bro has tons of benefits. You get to sit around crush beyahs, ice 12 year olds in Halo, roll deep to movies, and stay up late as hell and have "deep conversations." However, things can get complicated when you're watching a movie and you have a very un-broish reaction to something you see. For example, I cried during "Up," real awkward, I'm sitting there laughing at the dogs flying fighter planes, and then BAM, that ending hits, and I'm crying, my buddies are looking at me, like damn, dude, what the shit?

Two days ago I saw "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist"(on a airplane bro, I wouldn't rent it bro) and while I didn't have those "Up" tears flowing, I thought it was a well crafted movie with strong characters and an engaging story line. I also dug the hipster brah man vampire devandra band of horses soundtrack.

Yet I'm not going to bust in on an epic session of Rock Band and tell my bros about the sensitive romantic comedy that I dug. So here is a tired and true plan for admitting, if you even want to, that you enjoyed the film

1. Bring Up It's Attributes- It's got great cinematography dude and the screenwriting is flawless, it's almost as good as Conan,  I'm telling you. You gotta pass it off as some sort of miraculous feat of film making.

2. Mention The Hot Babes In It- Dude, Ashley from Entourage is in it and dances in front of car, I don't care what you say brah, toss my a natty light, yeah, I'm telling she's hot as hell

3. Hype The Comedy, Downplay the Romance- Dude, you always haven't seen an episode of "Arrested Development," Michael Cera is hilarious in anything he's in, especially "Black Hawk Down", wait, what he wasn't in "Black Hawk Down", yeah whatever, toss me a natty light.

4. And If All Else Fails, You Always Have the Chick Recon Defense= Dude, you know how many chicks like this movie, when I'm at a bar, I'll be like "yo, I love Nick and Norah" and they'll be like, "yeah me too, let's go take a walk outside." You think you can say something like "The splash damage from my spartan laser kill on Valhalla last night on team slayer was filthy?"
 No gotta hit them with the Nick and Norah.

It's a good movie all these people also think so.


  1. don't worry- the boy half of our duo/couple likes romcom more than the girl half. believe it.

  2. Don't pretend like you didn't tear up during Nick and Norah bro.