September 23, 2009

Everyday Heroics: Grandpa The Bank Robber Buster

Every now and then someone just has to step to the plate and deliver with a grand slam. This Grandpa is the perfect example. He recognizes the situation and then acts, and by act, I mean regulating Warren G style. I like to tell myself that I could do what he did in this situation, but I'm not that sure. In my wild world of imagination I'm thinking that ol Gramps here had some combat experience, and by combat experience I think he was an everyday John Matrix

1 comment:

  1. Ok The Best Part Isn't The Take-Down. It's The Aftermath. The Woman Jumping And Clapping, The Guy Laying On Top Of The Robber, And Jumpy McClappy Giving A Very Lady-Like Kick To The Robber's Head.