August 20, 2009

Will Avatar Suck?

It looks like a video game. That was my first thought when I saw the trailer for James Cameron's upcoming Science Fiction film "Avatar." Watch the trailer here on I couldn't figure out how to embed a high quality version on the sight, so instead you'll have to deal with the moderately interesting and vaguely creepy poster on the left.

Of course the trailer isn't in 3D. I imagine the film will look completely different when viewed that way, after all it is the intended medium of the film. But either way, I don't see how the 3D effects will stop some of the graphics from looking like Final Fantasy 40 or something similar.

I shouldn't write it off yet. The motion capture humans look incredible, definitely the best I have ever seen and the color pallet of the film looks vivid. I'll give it a chance, I gotta see this trailer again, hopefully in 3D, here's hoping it's attached to "Final Destination 4." Oh man, Final Destination 4, calm down, can't wait.

Check back in later in the day, I'll embed it on the site for your enjoyment/disappointment.

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