August 19, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are Preview

LET THE WILD RUMPUS BEGIN!!! And so it does, because today, David Egger's has released part of his story adaptation of "Where the Wild Things Are." As the screenwriter of the upcoming Spike Jonze film, Eggers' has taken a classic picture book and crafted a short narrative which serves as a pseudo preview for the film. Featured in the most current issue of The New Yorker the piece clearly is inspired from the film/book (READ IT HERE), and many of the classic elements of the book are present. Max runs around in his wolf suit, wishes he could grow up, and goes to that spot where you know, uh, the wild things are.

While the most recent trailer is brilliantly effective (see my post about it here), this literary preview that Eggers' wrote really has gotten me jazzed up because it's a first taste of the tone of the film. Eggers is one of the best writers alive now, his books stick with you like some type of persistent syrup after doing the dishes after a delicious pancake breakfast. Check out this paragraph below

Max looked around to see if anyone was close. It seemed strange that a boat like this, a sturdy, viable boat, would be unoccupied. He had been coming to the bay for years and had never seen a boat like this, alone and without an owner. There was no sign of anyone nearby. The boat was his if he wanted it.

I recommend that you print out the whole thing before you read it. Don't read writing this good on the computer screen, there is something magical about holding well written prose in your hands. It's like the paper captures a little bit of zest that comes off the words. At this rate if the film can translate the magic of Eggers' work onto the screen, then damn, what a wild wild rumpus the film will be.

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