August 3, 2009

Tomato Sauce White Tee Adventure Tips

Eating red pasta sauce, yeah the tomato kind with a white t-shirt is how you can live on the edge in a life that doesn't require actually risking your life, unless you are hyper allergic to pasta sauce and if a drop touches your body you get hives, which begs the question why are you eating tomato sauce?

It's little things like this that can capture the sense of adventure that the marvelous "Up," other things you can do to capture this include the following

1. Cherry Pit Spitting Contests- something I'm working on, my power or accuracy is nowhere close to where I wish it could be

2. Sticking Your Head Under A Modestly Sized Waterfall- Course you have to find a waterfall, which is part of the adventure

3. Not play Halo for 24 Hours- Tougher than you think

4. Not look at your phone/blackberry/iphone for an hour- This is easiest to do when doing activities involving water.

5. Making S'Mores While Dressed in All Black- The flip side of the tomato sauce adventure.

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