August 18, 2009

Mongolian Death Worm Attack

In the history of animal nomenclature, nothing has ever come close to a name as cool as "Mongolian Death Worm." In fact I think "Cheetah" and "Komodo Dragon" are a distant second to that name. It's a shame then that the "MDW" is a potentially imaginary creature, because, damn, that name really brings the thunder.

Yet not everyone believes that this creature is fake, in fact Joe Francis, the authority and my partner in crime in all things fantastic (including but not limited to Nerf weapon arsenals) pointed out that some homies have set off to the desert to find it. And when I say "find" I mean it in the devious action movie sense, a.k.a. kill with dynamite.

Considered dangerous because of it's ability to spit acid out of it's mouth and lightning bolts out of it's ass (damnnnnnn that is wild) the MDW falls into a group of creatures called "cryptids," or mythological creatures that could be real. Thise group includes Loch Ness Monsters, Big Foots, ChupaCabras, and tree men (wait a moment, tree men are real). And while some people may laugh in the face of the brave souls who seek acid spitting-lightning shitting worms, I say they laughed at Columbus too. Find those worms boys, do it for a forgotten spirit of adventure. You're story is just like "Up," but instead of of cute birds, you pioneers are seeking ferocious worms with deadly gastro-intestinal problems.

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  1. You should include the giant worms in "Dune" in your death worm list..