August 7, 2009

GI.....Doug....Liman or the amazing true story of how a hollywood action director saved the day.


Here I was prepping a "G.I. Joe" post and BAM thanks to the web site Deadline Hollywood Daily this gem of a real life action movie sequence hits me like an accelerator suit punch to the stomach. It appears that Doug Liman, the director of the first (and 2nd best) Bourne movie saved some lives yesterday on the Hudson river. As a lover of all things exciting and fantastic, this story is pretty damn rad. I mean it would be cooler if Liman was being chased by religious dudes in red hats in Venice, but I'll take New York any day.

Apparently Liman and his producer/fellow adventurer Avram Ludwig (classic sidekick name) were sailboating on the Hudson, when they saw a speedboat collide with a tanker (no big deal, y' know). They swooped in and rescued the survivors (of the speedboat). You can check out the whole story complete with in-correctly named movie titles here

It's also worth mentioning that the Hudson River seems to be the go to place for real life high drama. Let's not forget good ol Captain Sully and his daring landing on the Hudson a couple of months ago. Damn, all we need now is a Los Angeles skyscraper with a NYPD officer inside to get taken over by highly armed foreign thieves.

Congrats Doug Liman, your heroic action movie actions have earned you the first TOILET CHOMP of August.

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