August 28, 2009

The FINAL movie of the summer

So here we are, the final movie of the summer: The Final Destination. It got ripped in Variety yesterday as having a plot as developed "as a text message," but I don't care. By all logical reasoning, I shouldn't be rolling deep to this movie this evening, but there is a distinct lack of logic in Los Angeles, so I guess I'm playing the part.

The movies are so simple they could be considered genius (could is the key word here). A group of people avoid a catastrophic event and then slowly get killed in super creative Rube Goldberg devil schemes.

Imagine if someone got blown up at the end of that, and you'd have a general idea of what's going down this series. The thrill of the series lies in the execution of these set-ups, the knowledge that everyone knows what's coming, and that it can't be stopped. For that reason, the films must be viewed in a packed theatre to do them justice. So if you are even remotely interested, you owe it yourself for one FINAL movie of the summer.

** With this being the last movie of the summer, you can expect a Summer movie wrap up on Monday.

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