August 31, 2009

Disney Marvel Cross Over Possibilities

Today Disney announced that is buying Marvel Entertainment for 4 Billion dollars. When you consider the direction both of these companies are heading, this acquisition is very interesting. Marvel has been doing very well recently and their upcoming films including Thor (starring my main meng Chris Hemsworth) and Iron Man 2 look to continue their streak of quality films. Disney on the other hand, well, I don't think they are doing to bad either. So I must wonder, why this deal even happened. The reason:


So here are some possibilities for Disney-Marvel cross over potential.

1. Mickey Mouse in Edgar Wright's "Ant Man"- He could play a zany mouse that gives Ant Man shit, but then becomes his friend and ally in the climax of the film.

2. Simba In The Avengers- He'd totally fit in, I mean he could even play Captain America.

3. Mulan Makes A Cameo In the Upcoming Wolverine Sequel- "I'll make a man out of you, bub"

4. Iron Man 2 Will Now Have Songs - Iron Man and War Machine will sing an updated bro-tastic machine gun driven version of "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" while they dispatch countless threats with their shoulder mounted cannons.

5. Pixar + Marvel= Geek Fanboy Dream Come True.

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