July 1, 2009

What Transformer's 5 Day 200 Million Dollar Box Office Can Buy You

Optimus Loves The Cash!

1. 211,764,706 Nerds, not people with massive glasses and pocket protectors, I'm talking about boxes of the candy.
2. 1000 trips to space where you could potentially be just that closer to Cybertron.
3. 8700 brand new 5th generation camaros, just like  Bumblebee, so you too can have a robot car which will help you score babes.
4. 5 Us Air Force Blackbird spy planes that were featured in the movie as the old scottish Decepticon featured in the movie
5. 10,000 Months in a luxury apartment in Santa Monica so you can be closer to Megan Fox, who is rumored to live there when she isn't fighting evil robots or making dudes salivate.
6. 4,211 semesters at Yale, the college where it looks like Shia goes in the film
7. About 20,000,000 weed brownies like the one's the old lady eats in the film. Keep in mind for all you cannabis enjoyers out there, that's 10 bones a pop.
8. A luxury trip to Egypt to visit the tomb of the Leaders Matrix (WTF was that about by the way) for you and your 19,000 friends.
9. 5 Million top of the line OPTIMUS PRIME mega action figures.
10. Enough money to make a real live transformer. Or an army of them if you so wish.

1 comment:

  1. i'd spend it one one of those transformer transforming costumes and the rest on louis vuitton, travel with friends and beer.