July 2, 2009

This is my new desktop background...

The desktop background question is one that melts the mind of many computer owner. What do you put? Keep the chill brah mon apple one that comes with computer? The lame pattern that comes with PC's. Do you put a picture of place you wish to travel one day? A picture of you and your friends drinking beeyahs out of sneakers? It's a tough question no doubt, and I'm not going into the super heady philosophical debates involved in it (Hot Babes or Fast Cars?).

Recently I started using the picture above as my background, and it's safe to say, my life has improved exponentially. Since I threw up Simba and the guys (WTF are Scar are those evil hyenas doing by the way) my life has improved greatly. First I got a door in my apartment. Second my Halo and Rock Band skills drastically improved to levels where now I can actually back up the smack I talk on my headset. And third, because of the simple fact I look at Mufasa all day, I can now bench press 200 pounds and navigate ass through LA traffic like I was in a Wildebeest stampede (of course I don't die saving my son Simba at the end).

Thanks Simba.

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