July 17, 2009

Sequel to 500 Days of Summer Announced!

In honor of the "super hip brah mon flannel Arcade Fire Vampire Weekend Jack Keroauc Chuck Taylor PBR Vinyl" hipster film 500 Days of Summer, I have prepared a list of sequels for the producers to consider. Listen to the hipster heartbreak anthem while considering these titles, but don't think too hard.

1. 500 Days of Hummers- It could go either way...
2. 500 Days of Stone Cold Stunners- Austin 3:16 still lives on, get em a beer!
3. 500 Days of Plumbers- Two plumbers, 250 broken toilets, 250 broken sinks, and one cute girl.
4. 500 Days of Drummers- The story of a Venice beach drum circle that uses sonic waves to prevent a tidal wave from wiping out Venice beach. It's a musical but it's like 2012.
5. 500 Days of Christopher Plummer- Star of "Must Love Dogs" and the voice of the dastardly MUNTZ in "Up." Give up for the Plums.
6. 500 Days of "Dumb and Dumber"- Two hipsters listen to Elliot Smith and watch "Dumb and Dumber" all day on their roof in their trendy yet cheap yet classy Brooklyn apartment.
7. 500 Seconds of Summer- 8.3 minutes of summer, enough time to eat an ice cream Popsicle with gum drop eyes.
8. 500 People Forced to Watch "The Happening"- Zooey Deschanel's finest performance viewed on repeat 500 times
9. 500 Days, of wait, no, did you know that Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Cobra Commander in the upcoming "GI Joe", seriously.
10.500- Sequel to 400, which is the sequel to 300.

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  1. If you were from Philly, you would suggest 500 days of mummers!