July 29, 2009

The Quest For Fear

Never have me on your left doing a horror movie. It's a simple fact that when I get freaked out I tend to punch whatever is to my left. Doesn't matter if it's a lady, a brah, or grandma, if some shit is going down on the screen that makes me bug out, someone is getting knocked out. That being said, I do enjoy a great horror flick and I'm pretty peaceful dude.

But these days a great scare is hard to find. Some of the ones I've enjoyed recently include "Quarantine," "The Strangers," and the classic scare me out of my flannel pajamas* classic "The Descent." Yet I've exhausted my list and I can't find the really freaky ones, please post on the comments, if you know one.

I found that most of these new horror films confuse brutality with fear, yes I'm talking to you "Friday the 13th", "Halloween" and "Saw." I wanna be afraid, not just made to jump by some heavy metal soundtrack or some bogus audio cue. I also don't wanna Ralph Wiggum because of some ridiculous gore.

I've also noted that a good horror flick is ultimately subjective. My mom bugged out when she saw "The Exorcist," but when I saw it, I thought the whole thing was much less scary than "E.T." which did some serious damage to me as a child (that's a whole nother blog post). So the quest for a good scare continues, if I find it make sure you're sitting to my right or preferably on another couch.

*First time I saw "The Descent" I screamed so loud the people in the dorm room next door thought I was being murdered by roommate who had his mind fried by playing 14 straight hours of GTA:San Andreas: "WHADDUP CJ?"

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