July 20, 2009

Moon Or Mars? If the movies tell us anything you gotta play it safe and go the moon!

In the new today, there is a great debate whether NASA should go back to the Moon or boldly go to Mars (aka Da Red Planet!). I'd have to say, if you look at recent cinematic history, it is clear that the Moon, not Mars is the clear choice for safe space exploration. Let's check out the facts here.

The Moon- Star of the recent indie darling "Moon," the white orb in the sky has a lot going for it right now. The moon is also kicking ass recently because people are getting nostalgic about the anniversary of the moon landings. Let's not forget that "New Moon" the upcoming Twilight flick has been generating heat for the moon by title alone. Let's face it, the moon is tearing shit up right now. We gotta go back.

Mars- This planet has soil the color of blood, this should be an indicator that we shouldn't mess around it. Cinematic history has told us that Mars is full of evil beings. Peep the vampire army from "Ghosts of Mars" above. Also, I don't recall any peaceful aliens coming from Mars, just big brained maniacs who hate Tom Jones. The only good thing Mars has going for it is that it's the name of a candy company, and candy in any format, interplanetary or not, is sweet in my book.

So NASA if you're with me, let's go back to the Moon. I'm not interested in demonic ghost armies from the Red Planet, I'm interested in the Moon.*

*In reality though, landing on Mars would be the fantastic thing that happened in my life and we gotta go!!!!

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