July 22, 2009

Escondido Falls

I realize that I don't actually blog about uh, life in Los Angeles that much, which is a little lame cause the blog is called "THIS LA LIFE" not "TPG IS A NERD LIFE." So here is a little tidbit of life in Los Angeles.

Escondido falls is located off majestic Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Look for a street called Winding Way. You walk up the street and head off into the wilderness, and after some hiking/walking/sprinting, you come to the lower falls. However, like all good things in LA, it takes a little extra effort to get the goooooooods. In this case that extra effort is a quick yet strenuous climb up to the upper falls, featured on the left.

The reward is a gentle trickle of water down a moss soaked cliff which should conjure images of peace and tranquility. Well in my case, it conjures up images of grand adventure and swashbuckling. Check out the falls, who knows how they'll speak to you.

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