July 23, 2009

Blogger Prom Wrap-Up

Blueberry colored shoes from LL Bean in Maine. Sky blue paints that were tailored for me in Panama. Patent fabric blue blazer from Hollywood. Cheesy milk white shirt from the legendary Huggins Fair in New Hampshire. These were the clothes I rocked to the Blogger Prom last night. What is a blogger prom? It's an 80's themed party for people who blog in Los Angeles.

Right off the bat I knew things were going to get crazy when I realized that unlike most of the people present, I did not go to Prom in the 80's. At my prom everyone wanted the DJ to get the freakfest started by playing some 50 Cent, not Karma Chameleon, so the age difference was a trip, but once the open bar started and Jay from www.jayjudah.com showed up, things got popping like Jack in the Boxes.

I basically cruised around and met people who share their thoughts to the world on the Internet, new age philosophers if you well. I learned that tons of people blog about food, which is nuts cause the only thing I do with food is eat it yo. But here is a great food blog, check it out.

It was a great night, hopefully I'll be posting all the blogs that I found last night. You can check out a great one here, it's called LOST ANGELES, and I'm already digging it like a miner. If I have one regret about the prom, it's that I didn't shake things up and come dressed like this.


  1. glad you like my blog and thanks for the link! it was nice meeting you last night. I'm looking forward to reading more of your interesting thought!

  2. I am SO sad I didn't get linked to...Even though I was talking to you guys right next to Nastassia! :( I'm feeling left out....