June 15, 2009

Thislalife: Pitchest

This past weekend I went to went to an event called a "Hollywood Pitch Festival." Basically people from the around the world come to a cavernous hotel function room here in lala land and proceed to pitch their movies to studio execs, managers, agents, and independent producers. I was there representing the company that I work for, so in other words, I was being pitched to (so does that make me a hitter?)

It would be easy to write off the strange pitches that I received. Some of them were disturbingly violent, some where a little too autobiographical, and some were just flat out strange. More often than not someone had a great idea and then rapidly distilled it with all sorts of crazy nonsense. These usually included mobsters, for some reason the mobsters always show-up, regardless of the genre. It's if a romantic comedy, someone has an uncle named Tony who's cousin knows a guy who needs money. If it's a musical, some mobster has a hidden tap dancing talent he can't tell the other wise guys (hey that's not a bad movie!)

However if there was one thing about the surreal nature of the event that shines through; it is the hope that all these writers have. Some of them came across the amber waves of grain, some even over the oceans to have the chance to share their ideas. That is dedication to their craft and their dream, and in the days where hope is audicious, the dream they have is something that no one can defuse....Even if it does involve zombies attacking a bread factory that is run by mobsters who enlist a crack team of commandos who also happen to have fish for eyballs and be physically controlled by a Turkish gangster named Wise Larry.

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