June 4, 2009

Star Wars next for a reboot?

It's been four years since a live action "Star Wars" came out, and I'm starting to wonder if a reboot is on the horizon. As I mentioned in a previous post, reboots are all the rage right now, and George Lucas who his cheddar (is he a mouse?). But when you think about the newer Star Wars films (episodes 1-3) are technically reboots themselves because they tell the origin of the series most Iconic character: Darth Vader.

If I was doing the Star Wars reboot I would focus on one character and one character alone, the one and only Han "Don't tell me the Odds" Solo. Picture a young solo, played by someone along the lines of Chris Pine (who cares if he is the face of another franchise) traveling around the Star Wars galaxy tearing shit up. He could technically interact with younger versions of established characters, I'm calling it hear now, 50 Cent or Donald Faison (wink) could play a young Lando.

As for the villain, if they created a horned demon with red face paint for Episode 1, they can come up with someone else. May I suggest a three sided lightsaber to really raise the stakes. And if any of you folks over at Lucasfilm are reading this, remember you heard about on thislalife first.

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