June 3, 2009

Review: Moon (Space Odyssey?)

Space is a lonely place. Besides being a conveniently rhyming lead in sentence, it's a fact that isn't always thought about when discussing the world (wayyy) up above us. Amongst the stars, it's just you, some satellites, some buddies if you're lucky, and a huge earth looming out the window reminding you that you're missing the summer movie season back home.

The new film "Moon" from director Duncan Jones deals with a astronaut/miner Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) who has been on the moon (now an energy mining station) for three years. As his stint on the giant rock (or it is made of cheese) comes to a close he starts to lose his mind. He wakes up after an accident to find what looks to be his clone walking around. That's all I'm saying, don't worry, it's not zany, and it does have a very satisfying ending.

Besides Sam Rockwell's muted yet impressive performance, Moon shines fully on a technical level. With a small budget the film pulls of numerous technical feats. Whether it is the imagery of space module crawling on the barren surface (which totally reflects Bell's barren mind brah) or just seeing two Rockwell's on screen at once, the film is astounding. It has a slow almost hypnotic pace to it, which I enjoyed. Check it out, don't expect a wild summer movie thrill ride, but do expect to have your mind gently blasted out of the atmosphere to the moon. Speaking of the moon, peep this classic moon-related sequence below.

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