June 5, 2009

Movie Fakiew (Fake Review): My Life In Ruins

After a very long pre-game session of watching "Clash of the Titans" and pounding some beyahs, I caught this flick at midnight last night. Let's just say it was not what I was expecting. It's a story about some Greek teenagers that take a trip to Costa Rica with The Beatles and Lil Wayne. Right off the bat I was struck by the wild setting of this movie. The Ruins from the title really pop off the screen, whoever shot must have been using a super high tech camera because Wow, my eyes hurt from the color assault that was inflicted on them.

But let's talk about everything that happens in this flick. The Greek teenagers, Lil Weezie, and the Fab Four get attacked by a whole bunch of supposedly evil natives and find themselves trapped on the Ruins. So literally their lives are hanging in the balance of these ruins, they are psychologically in ruins, I haven't even gotten to evil that lurks in the ruins itself.

I don't recommend this flick. Instead I suggest going to find some ruins yourself or perhaps creating some out of Duplo.

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