June 2, 2009

Is Microsoft Natal the Real Deal

Yesterday Microsoft revealed it's new technology for the XBOX 360 called Natal. Natal in some languages means birth, but for Microsoft I think it just means "Ahhhhh jeshushhhh, Billy, we mhusht catch uppp to da Weeeeee some howww." Either way the video presentation is pretty effective and definitely has me interested to see how successful this new technology could be.

Steve Spielberg introduced the technology at E3 and said "The gamer in me went out of my mind." So I guess if the man himself is saying that it's blowing his mind, it must be cool. The main question I have about this technology is not how exactly it works, I'm sure in time it will work almost perfectly, but rather HOW WILL IT APPLY TO M-RATED GAMES.

In the video we see families driving around, oh look, the father is bolting on the tires to car, how cute. But the biggest franchise in gaming at the moment both commercially and critically is Grand Theft Auto, and I don't know if that father wants little Junior, virtually beating up hookers and running over cops in a Ferrari. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Until then, I'm content chainsawing ground dwelling demons from a stationary position on my couch.

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