June 16, 2009

Great White Shark Attacks LA

Out the door, down the elevator, through the glass doors of my building there is a shark. He lives on the circuit control for the intersection of Pico and South Beverly drive. And apparently he lives all over the place not just in LA, but in other cities as well.

I never made of much of it, until my friend pointed out that he had seen the shark as well and directed me towards this website.

What I initially thought was just well placed graffiti is actually, well, um, a well placed, perfectly designed statement about treatment of Great White Sharks around the globe. According to the site

"The global great white population has shrunk 70 percent in the past 50 years.”

The shark above is called "White Mike" and his appearance all over the country is actually the group's way of raising awareness. You can check their website right here and report sightings of the shark. And don't worry he's appearing even far away from the oceans. Check where I found him below.

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