June 9, 2009

Colbert Goes to Iraq

"The Colbert Report" came at millions of viewers last night in a burst of shock comedy and just plain awe. After a funny sequence involving him getting tranquilized with a dart (always cool when that happens) Stephen finally woke up in Baghdad. He proceeded to do a show from Baghdad in which was the most the exquisite private contractor made bunker or the remnants of an old Saddam mansion.

The show taped with the participation of the USO saw Colbert in camouflage suit doing his usual shtick. Some people are making a big deal that he "declared victory," but there is a difference in having a comedian declare victory and 50 year old fighter pilot, I mean, President.

Speaking of Presidents, the Big O meng himself made a taped appearance. In a funny bit Colbert asked him if his spy satellite was that good he could hear in in Iraq. Obama responded he just a really big ears. The commander in chief then proceeded to order Colbert's head shaved to military standards, the General on stage followed orders.

I guess if anything, the fact that a popular late night show can tape a week in Baghdad is a sign of things changing for the country. Three years ago this idea would have been scene as tomfoolery (great word, huh?), but progress is real (or things haven't changed that much and Colbert has gigantic cojones). Either way, it's definetly worth tuning in to see this week. My only hope is that he goes out and talks to some real Iraqis.

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