June 18, 2009

Bruno:The Most Important Movie Of The Summer

In a sea of starships, X-Men, and giant robots, Bruno, a cartoon in himself stands out as the most important fictional character of the summer (sorry Optimus). The reason for this is that the current state of gay rights in the country is at a tipping point, and the Austian fashionista could ultimately decide which way it goes.

Recently an article in The New York Times questioned if the films satire of homosexuality will reinforce stereotypes instead of lampooning them. Members of the LGBT community expressed their concern with the film, saying they fear it may do more harm then good. People are gearing up for the film and it's roughly a month away.

The civil rights facing the LGBT community are pressing, and this film could be more controversial than "Borat". For example, Cohen's last film "Borat" featured a character so foreign it was easy to laugh at him. Not many people know hairy, ping pong playing men from Kazakhstan who live with a cow in their house. But most people do know someone from the LGBT community. In other words, this is a character more familiar, and therefore he carries more importance for community he represents. Sorry to all the Kazak's out there if I'm putting you down for not being important.

I haven't seen "Bruno" yet, and I'm not making any proclamations if it's offensive, responsible, or whatever, I'm just saying the stakes are high (and I expect to laugh my ass off).

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