May 1, 2009

Wolverine: You should have killed more Commandos

When the best things of the midnight opener of "Wolverine" are the dude dressed exactly like the man himself (yes, claws included), the people throwing cards at the screen when "Gambit" appears, and the collective groan of the audience when the scene after the credits is a waste. Basically, the movie sucks, it does not deliver as an action movie or as a fanboy flick.

It doesn't take much to please the nerds, I mean, the place went bananas when "Gambit" just physically appeared. However, the fact that not a single throwaway mutant doesn't even appear during a mutant jailbreak was claw to kidney of all fanboys. One of the best parts of the X-Men movies are the mutants from the comics who appear. Think of Colossus's cameo in X2, Multiple Man in X3, things like that. There is nothing like that at all in this flick. And if there is, it's not clear enough (Quicksilver maybe makes a cameo, but honestly, who is Quicksilver, let me get some Omega Red).

But beyond the nerd complaints, the weak story, and the un-inspired direction, the major flaw with the film is the lack of quality action. Rather than show Wolverine in all his glory, the film is edited so rapidly you can't appreciate it. For example when Wolverine kills all those commandos in the mansion in X2, you know exactly what he's doing, you see it, the camera lingers. In this film, first off, he doesn't kill nearly enough commandos, and when he does fight, it's so rapid, it's tough to tell what's going on. I wanna see claws in chests, not rapid fire editing that reminds me of Hancock

To sum it all up, this movie was a massive disappointment. Granted it's probably like that because I was so excited for the film I considered taping knives to my hands and was screaming like Logan himself while waiting in line. But either way, this movie doesn't deliver at all. In other news, check out this awesome picture from IRON MAN 2!

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