May 15, 2009

Watching Movies Based On Books You've Already Read

The image above is ambigram, which means if you turn you head (don't strain your neck) it will look the same upside down. It comes from the book Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, which the film that comes out today is based off of. I have read the book, and like all Dan Brown books I found it to be extremely enjoyable in a trashy page turner way. Yet with the movie coming out today, I just don't feel that jazzed about it because I know every twist and turn of the story. How this knowledge of the plot impacts my enjoyment is a different question.

It all comes down to the presentation. It starts with casting. The characters have to kind of fit with the way you imagine them. Harry Potter, dude looks exactly like I thought he would like. Tom Hanks as Robert Langon, ahhhh, he's too nice, Langdon as I pictured him was a little bit more Clooney. Then it comes down production design. This part is either cooler or as I pictured it would be in the book.

And finally in true TPG fashion it's gotta have that "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shittttttttt" (usually followed by me punching the arm of the person next to me) action moments as I pictured them from the book. For example, in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", I envisioned the battle between at the Ministry almost exactly as it was presented in the book, I was satisfied (except for the bit about the statues not coming to life, but whatever, Harry Potter nerds sometimes have to settle for a Nimbus 2000, when you want a Firebolt).

So "Angels and Demons," I'll give you a chance, but you deliver that on that presentation (and those ohhhhhhhhhh shittttttttttt) moments, I'll be pleased.

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  1. Yes, books are almost always better!
    Tim, do you remember we were all reading this book when we were in Rome and seeing all the sites as we were reading them? WOW! What a time it was, it was!