May 10, 2009

Trekking for the President

Between the come down from "The Trek" and the sneaking realization that "Angels & Demons" just won't be that good, I had to reflect on "The Trek" and what it means. The truth though, is that it doesn't really mean that much in the grand scheme of the world. While people will make goofy photos like the one above and hope to convey some type of visual message, the bottom line is "The Trek" is just a film, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Watching the film, I didn't think that anything was a metaphor for the current state of the world. Unlike "The Dark Knight" where gargantuan themes of heroism, vigilantism, and anarchy where throw around with serious power, "The Trek" was just a blast of excitement.

If I had to stretch for some hidden meaning, I would say that Obama is not Spock. Spock, like Sylar on "Heroes", is a class A nerd, if didn't have that Vulcan death grip, he probably would be getting stomped out for his lunch money in the alley behind Comic-Con.

He's the obsessive play-designer to Kirk's pointguard. And if history tells us anything, the guy with clipboard isn't the guy getting the glory. If Kirk is Obama then David Axelrod is Spock, or if you want to get really deep, the American people are Spock. Guess we need to start changing our ears.

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