May 8, 2009

Star Trek: Delivers on Every Level

"Star Trek" is everything you want in a summer film. It has tremendous action that literally had popcorn falling out of my mouth as it hung open in awe. I think no matter how far science takes us, seeing a giant spaceship soar through the galaxy never gets old, and seeing that same spaceship engage in battle is top notch spectacle. But besides the dope as hell special effects, what makes The Trek so enjoyable are the memorable characters.

Kirk, played by Chris Pine, is a total badass. He's the prototype male action hero, the ladies swoon over him, and the dudes think he's a chillbrahdude. Spock isn't as cool as Kirk, but he's not supposed to be, and Zach Quinto (aka the once might Sylar from "Heroes") really nails the performance. And the the supporting cast including John Cho (aka half of the Harold & Kumar du0) and Anton Yelchin all are spot on.

So with its breathtaking action, out of this world sound, great characters, and a strong script the film delivers. And I must say that almost all of this can be attributed to the director JJ Abrams. He took a risk making a movie this bold, and he has gone where no director has gone before: taking an iconic (and nothing is more nerdy than the trek) and converting into in mainstream goodness*.
*Batman and Bond don't count in this case

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