May 5, 2009

Marvel, I mean FOX, set to make Deadpool movie

Yesterday it was announced that Fox is developing a spin off of it's crapfest, er, I mean movie, called "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." The spinoff will star Ryan Reynolds as "Deadpool," who was in the Hugh Jackman muscle fest as Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool). Of course it doesn't matter that the character had the following things happen to him in "Wolverine."

1. Golden locks of hair cut off
2. Mouth sewn shut
3. Blades jammed into his arms
4. Oh yeah, his head lopped off

I guess people should be excited. Deadpool's character was one of the best parts of the film, so his spin-off has potential. Ryan Reynolds is a pretty funny dude, hell "Van Wilder" is hilarious, at least, it was hilarious when I was in High School, 5 years ago. On a deeply meta level, the character of Deadpool is one of the only characters who breaks the "fourth wall." For all you narrative rookies out there, it means that the character talks directly to the audience. Think of "Malcom in the Middle" or "Ferris Bueller" except instead of being cute teenagers lamenting American adolescence, Deadpool would just be a solo assassin killing people. How American?


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  1. Hey Scorpion, before the comic geeks hit you I should give you the following info: there's a scene after the credits on Wolverine that might solve the beheading issue (AND displays some of the 'fourth wall' power!). I say 'might' b/c there are 2 different prints of the film w 2 different post-credit endings. And Deadpool was hideous in Wolverine... which is great reason to wear that full ninja/commando garb. Personally I dislike Reynolds, but he is PERFECT for the Deadpool role.