May 20, 2009

Earthquakes Are Rude

With other nature related events, there is some type of warning. Something along the lines of the following.

That's a huge cloud, I wonder if a Tornado will come out of it and start tossing Cows around.

Wow, it's cold, cloudy, and the weather man told me to expect snow, probably shouldn't drive to Chuck E Cheeses.

But Earthquakes, that's a different story. One minute you're at work in six story building, and the next you are shaking, thinking if this is the big one, you know the one that makes LA into an Island. They don't last that long, but the beating of my heart after does. In thislalife, we've had two earthquakes in three days, both of them in the same spot.

Earthquakes don't ring the doorbell, they chew with their mouths open, and fart in elevators. They're rude. But hey, I guess their just a little part of thislalife.

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