May 31, 2009

Does this man name the hurricanes?

Today marks the first official day of Hurricane season 2009. And while hurricanes are no joke, I do find the naming process for them to be fascinating. Here is how I believe they name the hurricanes.

1. In the offices of the National Weather Service, there is a mysterious floor not listed on the elevator. You can only get there by taking a stair case hidden behind the Tornado guy's desk. Upon reaching the floor, the hurricane naming oracle will give you a name, this is what the oracle looks like.

2. They take the name of the first born son of the oldest intern in the office and work their way up.

3. Every year on the June first, the employees engage in a massive game of scrabble, and the most adept wordsman is crowned the king of the naming.

4. They take the names from the summer's movies. If this is true I hope they make to "O" so we can have hurricane Optimus.

5. Jay Judah names them. You can read about his naming skills at

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