May 18, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hours 23 & 24

1. The graphics on the screen in the crisis room are the most intense power point presentation I've ever seen.
2. The bad guys can afford a blue tooth for themselves, but Jack can't find the money for a blue tooth, he's rocking that wired headless, that could get in the way of his terrorist killing abilities.
3. Evil hippies from Glendale are such goofy bros, always hanging out at the airport making jokes, cutting their heads in car doors. WTF?
4. Apparently the bad guys have the ability to get cell phone service anywhere (even in tunnels), if that is Starkwood secret military technology, lemme get some of that!
5. Haven't seen Jack dual wield pistols since Season 1!
6. "Jack Please, another red head, oh god, she even looks me, Jack if you are working with her, I'm right here, why don't you notice me?" says Olivia as she spies the new red-head chick with Jack.
7. I don't know why Agent Pierce even bothers with that sling for his arm, unless it's a cover for the fact that he is totally fine, and is ready to start.....icing......fools.
8. Eight hours ago the white house was the scene of a gigantic battle with General Juma, and now it looks like nothing happened. Maybe Tim's magic phone has the ability to repair a battle scene.
9. The writers have done a good job of really making Olivia Taylor a villain during these past couple of episodes, but she really turned the bitch meter to full throttle during these first 20 minutes.
10. Kim is definitely from the Bauer bloodline, Kim instantly goes for the pen as an improvised weapon.
11. That Airport security guy thought that hiding behind the Styrofoam cup box would be a good deal, should have hid behind the box of ancient medieval shields.
12. That chip uttered a whimper of truth when it was crushed by Olivia Taylor.
13. Jack takes the needle to the throat, and then the surreal dream sequence begins. Audrey Raines is dancing with Marwan as they attend Jack's wedding where George Mason was the best man.
14. Besides Cougar evasion tactics, Kim Bauer obviously learned a couple of things from her father including how to track a suspect and ignore pain when sticking your hand in a fire.
15. I wish they showed us what other mp3's Ethan on that disc. Little Kings of Leon, a tid of In Flames, maybe some Creedence Clearwater, and finally a remix of Justin Timberlake and Madonna's "4 minutes."
16. In one moment, Jack redeems himself from a season of non-exciting kills. A throat slash, a throat rip, and throat strangulation. Shame he couldn't have continued the carpenter trend he started with the screwdriver and used a hammer.
17. Jack uses a back hoe earlier this season and so Tony has to use a fork-lift. This is a trend of escalation that I can hope culminates next season in Jack as Optimus Prime and Tony as Megatron fight to the death.
18. In terms of epic confrotations between Jack and Tony, this little talk in a garage is epic. Kiefer, I tell you, headbutt or not, christmas tree killer or not, this man can act.
19. Will Patton, I don't know if it's the music, the scenery, the set-up, or what, but he is seemed super evil.
20. I love the use of helicopters in 24. That's it point 21, helicopters in 24, great!
21. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! There can be one blond: Kim. One black haired chick: Janeane (pains me to say it). One brown haired girl (Chloe). And one red head: Walker. Everyone else just gets smoked by Tony.
22. "If I can save them, I can save myself." Deep, Jack, deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
23. "Try to make choices you can live with. " Thanks Jack when is your self help book coming out?
24 (A) Is Jack Bauer going to become a muslim next year? If so, I'm readddddy/
24 (B) Glad that President Taylor stays firm in her beliefs and doesn't waiver. Good to have a strong female on the show that isn't a buxom red head.
24 (C) In closing, the most important line for me was Kim Bauer's "I'm not ready to let you go." And you know what, after a satisfying season that completely made up for last season's debacle, I'm not ready to let Jack go either.

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