May 11, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 22

1. Is that Nic Cage from "The Rock" inside the chemical chamber?
2. "This device will allow us to talk to each other," says to Gibran along with some hogwash about terrorist attacks, but what Tony really wanted to tell him, was that he was going to talk to him about the NBA playoffs "Yo Gibran, it's Tony, what's good with those Rockets, Yao Ming injury, come on?"
3. This wig wearing assassin broad has got nothing from the wig wearing assassin broad goddess from 24 past: Mandy
4. Bauer is the only person who gets to used needles, this terrorist dude who wants that morphine, he isn't getting nothing.
5. "I'm only supposed to use it (the number) if there's a problem" I would say that Jack Bauer's finger in your trachea is a slight problem.
6. Janaene, I've honestly run out of mid 90's movies to reference to show that you are dated and my least favorite part of the show.
7. I'm surprised the terrorist's special cell phone number didn't call Tim at the white house, who's phone may I remind you is a superphone which is a Iphone, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, tamagotchi, and PSP combined.
8. I gotta say that the yell that erupted when the farm boy Red Skins's lightbacker dude told Gibran to put the earpiece back in was loud enough to startle the neighbors, who are louder than pre-teen Jonas Brothers fans.
9. Agent Pierce, didn't you learn anything from Martha Logan, you can't trust these Presidential family members, they are psycho. Every season, they are nuttier, than chunky peanut butter with almonds and a inkling of cashews.
10. The gay reporter had balls big enough to give it to Olivia straight. Boom, 24 is getting super progressive.
11. "The package is in place, and my wig is staying on, as for the glasses, they are messing up my eyesight, come on Tony, why did you make me where these."
12. My mom is quick to point out that someone with a nerve disease like Jack can drive extremely well and put people in choke holds like nobody's business.
13. Kim is all paranoid in the subway, she's never forgotten that cougar business
14. It's a UMP device, damn that CIP module must be jealous. And in the darkness lurks the RSR device, smiling evily.
15. Jack can thank the senate for giving him the insight to realize that if he's about to torture someone it proves wise to tell the government agents to leave.
16. I was a little disapointed that Jack didn't headbutt Tony. Art imitates life, or life imitates art, with Jack and Kiefer, I can't tell the difference anymore. I don't mind.
17. So everyone gets off the train, but no one gets on? What is this platform 9 and 3/4.
18. Jack gives a little smile to Olivia, and gets a hug, but Jack come on you got a season finale ahead of you, this aint ova, you aint got time for lovin.
19. The chick with the giant wig would definetly stand out amongst the crowd of ummm, cops, FBI guys, who specialize is spotting shady people.
20. Jack, poor move, picking the shadiest looking guy to tail your daughter. He also happens to be one of many terrible FBI agents who have zero skills when it comes to combat. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE AND HIS NAME IS LORD JACK BAUER<---Video is amazing!!! 21. Agent Pierce has his act together, on this show, it's literally him and Jack vs the rest of the world. Honestly, where's our spin-off. 22. I thought that Olivia was bidding on an ebay item not selling her soul away after killing J. Hodge. 23. Jack looks longinly at the muslims bros, and we learn Jack has a heart. Luckily, Jack now has a new villian, evil California brah man hippies from Glendale California.
24. So the season starts with Jack bustings out Tony and it looks like it ends with him having to break him out again. Is this a time loop? And if so, does this mean my main meng DUBAKU will rise from the grave and return once more!! Yes!!!

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