May 4, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 21

1. Can't tell if Tony is limping around or just walking with swagger it's weighing him down.
2. There always is the question: What would the bad guys do if the guy who the plan hinges on simply just said no.
3. Jack says he doesn't like "racial profiling," but just 3 seasons ago, he was snack-crackling-poppiling fingers of AMNESTY international lawyer like it was nothing.
4. I feel for Chloe, Jack is her only friend, besides, the probable millions of the friends she has in World of Warcraft, where she is a level 68 night elf.
5. Jack needs to get his ass healthy so he is in fighting shape for the finale. This time last week Jack was suiting up with a full arsenal to go take out his father and about 200 Chinese dudes.
6. The whole situation of "do what I say, and you are going to live through this" is a great flip on the traditional structure of 24. Usually it's Jack and Tony enlisting a civilian to do some wild task to save the day, now it's Tony and his Motley Crue using the same tactics for evil.
7. "Lecture on conscience," line coming from Olivia Taylor, this is a woman that "has relations" with reporters and now she's lecturing her pal Martin about ethics.
8. Is this Martin dude, a hitman, because if so, he is the first gay hitman on "24."
9. This dude in the brown suit with Jonas Hodges has got to be the one of two 52 year old U.S. Marshall ever.
10. "Tibbet, sounds like a dog breed," J. Hodges keep the hysterical lines coming.
11. How does Hodges get ready to leave for Andrews Air Force Base when all he has in his possessions is his integrity, his wallet, and his name, which he forged with blood and sweat, in case you forgot.
12. Mr. Go Har could very well be "Mr. Go Hard" which means he goes hard, 110% every day of the week. He doesn't sleep, he doesn't eat, he just goes hard in all of his endeavors.
13. Putting Jack in a mosque is like putting a 8 year old boy in Candy Shop, he just can't stand still.
14. This scene where Jack confronts the Inman is the peak of years of bad relations with muslims. I like the writers are start taking responsiblity for the show, I mean after all it does directly impact American policy.
15. Why does the Arab American's son look like from he is from Uncle Jedidiah Smith's cow farm in Idaho?
16. You'd think the Farm Boy arab brother would put the pieces together that maybe his brother's shady white friends dressed in all black have something to do with his sudden change toward extremism.
17. Olivia Taylor makes the smart choice and doesn't choose to push the green button, but of course, like JoJo its too little too late
18. Jack has gone from Muslim hater to a man with understanding of Islam. What's next Season eight, Jack Bauer converts, and films a buddy comedy season with zombie Marwan and Behrooooooooz.
19. Remember when the first husband was choke slamming underage secret service agents off balconies and into tables, damn seems like ages ago.
20. Jonas Hodges just got up and walked into the car, what was the point of the wheelchair?
21. I was going to say what's with the emotional Big Fish type music and Hodges holding the photo and finally something blows, at the 48 minute mark, coudln't have come soon enough.
22. "Tim and the Magic Cell Phone." This sounds like a great children's book about a young man in the white house who finds a magic cell phone that transforms his life and shows him and the people around him the value of communication.
23. Agent Walker is running around telling any random dude in LA that Jack is infected, have a little respect for the man, otherwise he might shoot you in the neck again.
24. Weak...episode.


  1. You have one correct point - why did Hodges need a wheelchair when he could walk fine - people like me, notice that right away!

    The brother left behind definitely has a disability - last week he kept talking about taking care of him - either mild intellectual disability or he is on the autism spectrum. That is why he did not figuere out about the men in black!

  2. Mom,

    Great point about the brother!