April 2, 2009

Wolverine And The Great Fanboy Dilemma

Almost a week ago, I said that "Wolverine" was the movie that was going to kick-start the popcorn bucket goodness of the summer movie season. And now yesterday, a working DVD print of the upcoming summer flick "Wolverine" leaked onto the internet. Anybody who knows how to download movies (which is about every male between the ages of 12-25) could be watching it in hours. And every fanboy, the same people who have been analyzing each trailer frame by frame (I would not't be doing that, nope, no, not me) had the opportunity to get their claws on their beloved X-Men Opus early.

To watch or not to watch? To snikt or not to snikt? These are the questions fanboys faced yesterday. The big websites for geeks posted articles saying they don't support early reviews or the piracy of the print. I see through this claim, it's obvious the film geeks who depend on the studios for "scoops" don't want to damage their relationship with the studios. I get it, but quit with the Holier Than Thou business. If someone presented with one of these websites a chance to peep, let's say, Star Wars Episode 7 early, they would break into studios ninja style to do it, wait, kind of just described the plot to an actual movie.

While I don't support piracy, I was tempted to peep the movie yesterday. Then I realized one of the best things in the world are midnight screenings for nerdastic movies. Nothing matches the excitement of staying up late, getting a large coke to stay awake, and geeeeeking out with an audience that knows every name on the mutant database in X2. I'm going to wait. And with that comment, I have let my nerd flag fly a little to high. I'm going to ummm, drink some beer, and watch some baseball!

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