April 27, 2009

This LA Life: Country Dance Off with Taylor Swift

I was five feet away from Taylor Swift singing her face off and I was paralyzed. Last fall, I did some temporary PA work on a popular show where Taylor was shredding some guitar. As many PA's do, I was summoned and I went where the masters dictated. Where they commanded was that I'd be a body for the sound check.

Once she starts playing, and man, she can really play, everyone around me starts dancing and going nuts, how nuts, like cashew style nuts. I've never heard of the girl before, so I'm thinking 1. How do you dance to Country? 2. You are technically getting paid to dance, so you should be dancing? 3. Did I go to college to dance in front of popstars? 4. And why had I lost the ability to groove?

Thankfully the powers that summoned me managed to spot the stiff in the crowd who wasn't grooving and somebody promptly pulled me from the pack. One minute I'm in the mix, and the next I'm carrying Audio Video cables to a myserious destination, I knew I should have took ballroom dancing as a kid. So the moral of the story and a true thislalife lesson. "Always be ready to dance"

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