April 23, 2009

Music To Blast You Through Thursday

Bro Mahn Indie Rock

With the weekend looming on the horizon, I decided I should drop this three jams on you and then give you a niblet of a classic TPG story to explain them.

1. Hunters & Runners "Floria"- Comes from my pals from Syracuse University. When I think of this band I think of my love of the flick "Conan The Barbarian" starring none other than the current Governor of California. In particular two members of the band and I would frequently quote the line "two snakes, coming together, as one" or in Ahnuld speak "twoo snaewkes cawming togetha (fists coming together motion) as wan."
The band is based out of Brookyln, New York. You can check out their myspace here

2. Lightning Bug "Airborne Bear"- Ahhhh, the sweet sounds of songs about flying animals. This band hailing from the mean streets of Philly has just completed a full length album, it's coming out soon. My good friend is the bassist, and he was the one who recently gave me this crucial bit of life advice.
TPG, you would enjoy movies and TV shows if you didn't analyze their trailers frame by frame.
Yes, great advice, from a great friend, and excellent bassist for a band that kicks out some hard rock, how rock, like granite rock. Check them out here

3. Recommended to me by my brother and his girlfriend, I challenge you not to like this band. According to the bro, brah, this band positively melted faces at the South by Southwest festival in Austin a couple weeks ago. And yes, all of their songs are as good as this one.

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