April 6, 2009

Getting wild at G20

This picture from the end of G20 is about a week old, but I'm posting it now because I don't want anyone to forget this epic and hilarious photograph. Let me break down what's going on here. So starting from left to right.
1. Mustache Man #1- Cannot believe that Obama is smiling so broadly and throwing up the thumbs up sign. His look says "yo dude, it's one conference, we got a world to fix"
2. The Dude With the Agal- This guy is trying to get the hell out out of this bromance love fest.
3. Anonymous Asian Guy in Back- This guy is probably an important world leader, the fact that I don't know he is says that I obsess over "Lost" "24" and thislalife too much.
4. The Big O- And I ain't talking about Oprah. The only one cool enough to rock the red tie is clearly the guy who knows he's most baller and most popular in the room. (And there's nothing wrong with that)
5. It's meya Silvio Berlusconi. I can't believe I got mi arm around this guy I called tan a couple weeks ago.
6. Hu Jintao- Trying to stay stoic, but he's about one thumbs up from cutting loose and getting wild. 
7. Gordon Brown- Dude's arm is in a strange position. Maybe he's doing the stank leg.
8. Once again I have no idea what important international leader this is. Hopefully like members of US congress,  he's on twitter and I can follow him (along with John Mayer)
9. Mustache Bash Attender #2- As if this picture was painted by Da Vinci, their is beautiful symmetry of mustaches. 

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