April 9, 2009

Kenny Powers Will Return!

Yesterday it was announced that "Eastbound & Down" will return to the airwaves. This news is like getting hit by a Kenny Powers pitch and getting your eye knocked out. It sucks to lose an eye, but hopefully you'll get some money when you sue a now big league bound Kenny Powers. Here's the breakdown

The Good: Kenny is coming back!
The Bad: We have to wait all the way to January for new episodes.

The Bad: If the show is in a new location, who knows if the old characters will show up.
The Good: The writers of the show cooked up some memorable characters the first time, so we'll hopefully get a brand new batch of Steve Janowksis

The Good: Danny McBride and the Eastbound guys have a sick new movie coming out called "Your Highness"
The Good: You're fucking out is now a national catch phrase!

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