April 1, 2009

How Does The Recession Impact Celebrity Culture

The economy of the United States (and the world) is metaphorically being attacked by robots, aliens, zombies, giant bugs, dinosaurs, giant mutant sharks, vampires, werewolves, and well you get the picture. The reality is that the undoing of our economy is our own fault. We allowed for things to move along without any regulation, and here we are.

So what is the effect on our celebrity culture? None really. In these tough times, it may just add to the scope of it. I feel like people are looking to the make-believe (like Megan Fox, Transformers babe above) as an escape from their real and difficult lives. Evidence of this is the massive box office for 2009. We view celebrities as almost untouchable princes and princesses. Their lives are like windows into a dream world that we wish we could live. Of course the flip side is that we are wickedly happy when they go off the rails. It makes us feel better about our own difficult personal lives .

So far we haven't seen Brad Pitt looking for work on the corner or struggling over his budget. Once that happens, things will be real crazy and we'll need a whole new set of metaphors.

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